What is a Whole Body Assessment?

Recent medicinal research has shown that the best way for a professional to treat any pain or dysfunction is to focus on the individual/client from a whole, all-inclusive perspective, rather than treat just the affected body part.

During this assessment (90 min) you will receive information about how everything is interconnected within your body. We can find the cause of your issue by going deeper into aspects of biomechanics, posture analysis, orthopaedic tests, nutrition, stress-management and much more. We are committed to supporting your health and vitality in any way we can.

Another aspect to whole body assessment is PREVENTION.


The assessment will also give you a sense of where you are at in regards to your wellbeing, and what is the best thing to do to keep your health and fitness at its best level. Knowing your body is the key to avoiding future complications, which can support your overall health, save you time and also save you money.

Strengthen Your Body
Improve Flexibility
Improve Your Functional Abilities
Coordinate Your Return To Work & Sport
Provide Workplace Injury Prevention