We provide Physical Therapy services

Whether you are in a competitive or recreational level, you are spending hours to improve your skills. The position of the foot in the starting block, the angle of the hips, the push off - every small detail is practiced again and again. But there's one skill they may overlook - mental focus.

Training the body - mind connections enables you to perform much better in any sport you do. Recent research of neuroscience is showing how important it is to bring balance between these powerful instruments, body and mind. When there is a skill trained neurologically, it will then reconnect with the body/muscles and allow you to perform at the highest level possible.

"Many athletes have physically trained well, but how they show up on the day of competition and how they manage their mental focus can determine the outcome of that performance," says UW Health sport psychologist Shilagh Mirgain, PhD.

Sport Psychology is also showing amazing results in injury recovery. Injuries causes lot of anxiety and frustration which can slow down the healing process of injured body parts. By acknowledging certain aspects and setting up strategy, this session can be a huge benefit for you to get back to sport much earlier.


  • Enhance your performance
  • Recover from injuries quicker
  • Coping techniques to treat anxiety, stress and depression
  • Increasing motivation and boosting confidence level